Don’t make your property an easy target for thieves!

British Summertime Has Begun…

As the clocks go forward and British Summertime begins, police are urging householders not to make their property an easy target for thieves.

It’s good to pay extra attention to home and vehicle security, as lighter evenings and warmer weather can be a good incentive for would-be burglars.

Remember that most thefts from homes and vehicles are carried out by opportunists, who look for doors and windows that have been left open, or property on display in vehicles.

Property security in Dorset & Hampshire.

Property Security Checklist

  • Always lock windows when you leave the house and keep front and back doors locked, or in view, when you’re at home. Remove keys from locks and keep them in a safe place.
  • Never leave your house or car keys in or near a door or window…. or your letterbox. Thieves sometimes use an implement such as a fishing rod, cane or aerial to hook your keys out.
  • Fit a door chain and spy hole. A chain allows you to speak to the caller without opening the door fully; a spy hole lets you see who’s at the door.
  • Fit 5 lever mortice locks to all external doors.
  • Check cylinder locks on patio/plastic doors to ensure they’re snap and bump resistant. RPS Locks and Glazing can advise and fit these for you. More information on door and window security.
  • Don’t leave keys in a convenient hiding place, e.g. under the doormat. Thieves know and check all the usual hiding places!